Make The Most Of The Weekend: How to Get Ahead

Weekend Ahead

We’re on the comedown from the long Easter bank holiday weekend- not just a sugar comedown leaving you guilty (and shaky) from over indulgence, but also a sense of unproductivity… If you’re a start up or an entrepreneur then more likely than not your weekend plans include fitting in time to work on your business- […]

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Reasons To Start Up A Business – Entrepreneureasons

Taking The Plunge: Taking the plunge and starting up a business is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in today’s cutthroat corporate world. But why might that be? In a recent survey conducted by The Guardian, almost 500 SME owners and employees were asked what motivated them to set up their own business. The […]

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How To Start-up As An Independent Retailer

Retail image

To say you work in retail could mean anything from a market stall or a small independent boutique to a huge international chain of shops or department stores. So the thought of entering the market as a small independent might be quite duanting. Yes the retail industry is vast BUT with British start-ups boosting our […]

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A Pinteresting Idea For Your Business

I love pin + interest

Over the last couple of months we have looked at different social media platforms and outlined how they can be used to benefit your business. This month it’s Pinterest- the most creative tool of them all! Pinterest defines itself as ‘a tool for collecting and organising things that inspire you’. So what is Pinterest exactly […]

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Make Customers Love Your Brand

6-ways-to-make-customers-fall-in-love-with-your-brand 3

Startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs alike should never underestimate the importance of communicating their brand as well as the product they sell or the service they offer. It’s a good idea to remember that at all points of contact you make, from your website to comments on twitter and even in direct phone calls, you are […]

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Why Cloud Computing Benefits Business

young businesswoman with pen

Many small businesses are using cloud computing and experiencing benefits including saving money on IT as well as reduced time and stress spent sifting through dense filing systems on their individual computers… Here are a few reasons why using ‘the cloud’ could benefit your business: Reduction of costs: Using the cloud minimises IT requirements on […]

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What’s Better- Crowdfunding Or A Bank Loan?

At the end of last year we discussed tips for successful crowdfunding campaigns (read this article). Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a new venture by soliciting small donations from many people online- it’s a great way to fund your new business idea and is becoming an increasingly popular route for small businesses. […]

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Top Tips On Using LinkedIn For Your Business


Social media has become a key strength and resource for any small business wanting to stand out and make sales, market its brand or promote its products. It enables you to quickly become an expert in your field and connect with customers and contacts. In terms of business connections and portraying your company’s professionalism, LinkedIn […]

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Working From Home Distractions And How To Avoid Them

stuck at laptop

The key to ‘working from home’ is to not take this expression literally- the biggest challenge with working from home is that you can find yourself physically present without being mentally present. So how can you stay focussed on your work, and avoid those distractions that inhibit your productivity? Firstly ensure your attitude is tuned […]

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Top Tips for Cash Flow Heaven

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, self-funding your business will cause you to reassess and prioritise your expenses. Many financial survival tips are obvious, such as cutting back on personal expenses and saving money that’s going out wherever you can. But what about survival tips for your income- when and where is the money […]

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