Being successful in customer service

Unfortunately, a large number of small businesses refuse to take customer service seriously and keep making the same mistakes. These mistakes can be easily avoided with a smarter customer service strategy. Below is a valuable list of must-have’s for successful customer service and training. Being accessible to customers It may sound silly, but displaying your […]

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It’s Friday, how did you do?

Finding spare time to have a conversation with your staff can be difficult to find during the working week. But putting time aside to listen to your team is a necessity to any successful business. Having regular staff meetings are important to share information, boost team morale, promote team building ­and help improve your business […]

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Best business apps

Working from home or on the move, you probably have a smartphone or tablet where an app helps you to manage your workload. The popularity of mobile apps has exploded over the past couple of years, with the craze only getting bigger. We have picked out the best five business apps that offer practical support […]

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The importance of being highly connected

Having an internet connection in today’s business world is as much a necessity as running water. Understanding the importance of high speed internet capabilities can help to improve your business and teams productivity. Running your own business you will probably have an internet connection set up to browse the web or regularly check your emails. […]

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Social Media Made Simple: What’s Best For You?

Social media communication concept

So we’ve covered ‘social media’; Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus. But all these things you should be doing might leave you feeling overwhelmed and spoilt for choice! The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to make use of ALL these social media channels. To support your company identity and […]

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Your Website Part 2: The Build

Website Build

How successful your online company or brand identity is going to be is largely dependent on how good your website is. Following last week’s look at website strategy, it’s now time to think about the look and feel of the site itself. As your business grows and goals change, you need your web strategy to […]

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Your Website Part 1: The Strategy

Website marketing development

Having a website for your business might seem obvious to some but according to Lloyds Bank, a third of small and medium enterprises don’t have basic ‘on-line skills’ (read more here). This means they probably don’t have a website, advertise online or use social media. But getting online is a key way of promoting your […]

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5 Useful Tips For Your YouTube


YouTube is one of many social media channels that you might consider using for your business- but where do you start, and how do you know what to do with it? Ultimately, how do you know that it will benefit your company? YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across […]

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Tips On Creating Your Logo

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

Whether you are a one man band or an entire company of people you need to think about what your brand represents and the message that you want to convey to your customers. Your logo is a crucial part of your brands identity- whether you are a Personal Assistant working remotely from home, part of […]

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Make The Most Of The Weekend: How to Get Ahead

Weekend Ahead

We’re on the comedown from the long Easter bank holiday weekend- not just a sugar comedown leaving you guilty (and shaky) from over indulgence, but also a sense of unproductivity… If you’re a start up or an entrepreneur then more likely than not your weekend plans include fitting in time to work on your business- […]

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