Get Ready For Christmas

Conference Genie

It’s 6 days until Christmas! To help you make that final Christmas business push, we have put together a guide to help you make some last minute sales. Word Of Mouth 54% of businesses get most of their customers by word-of-mouth. Start internally with your employees to get them spreading the word about your business. People […]

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Small Business Christmas Survival Guide

Small Business, Christmas, Festive Business, SMBs, Holidays

Christmas is a great time to show your staff some appreciation; but for small businesses with already stretched budgets, it can be difficult to show. As a small business you have built strong client relationships and have a hard working team. However, budgets are tight and they don’t necessarily become more forgiving over the Christmas […]

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The Evolution of Recruitment

When recruiting for a new role, it is difficult to find the cream of the crop; especially with the radical influence that technology has had on the recruitment market. To help you source the best employees for your team, we have put together our guide on recruitment trends from 2014, and how they could impact […]

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Weird And Wonderful Workstations

Strangest places to work

Do you brainstorm in the bath, email on the loo, agree contracts by the fridge? However you choose to spend your working day, it needs to fit with your individual lifestyle. We look at why some workers have broken away from the conventional workstation, and why it’s important to have a comfortable working area. For […]

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How To Find A Better Work-Life Balance

Work life balance choices

Running your own business, you can feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have or that the demand often exceeds the time to do the work. So what is the best way to find a better work-life balance? For a moment, let’s imagine it’s not about striking the perfect balance. Sometimes, work-life and family […]

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Plymouth: The Home of Britain’s Happiest Workers?

Do you think you live in the happiest part of the UK? The stereotypical image of a happy town features plenty of cross-hatch cottages, open land to explore and bunting-lined country fêtes, but in reality there’s more to people’s happiness than a chocolate box village to call home. Work is a massive part of most […]

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How Clean Is Your Email Mailing List?

Email mailing lists can be a numbers game. You may have thousands of subscribers, but a list inundated with inactive users and high bounce rates won’t do your business any good. It is no secret we have become increasingly online savvy. We can choose to block out unwanted email messages, so a marketer shouting about […]

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Our Best Pieces of Business Advice

Finding valuable business advice is gold dust. There are hundreds of books to buy, a lifetime of reading to absorb, but how do you narrow down the best pieces of advice? We look to successful entrepreneurs for some of the best advice they have received to help keep you on top. 1. Love what you […]

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Calling from a mobile? Want cheaper call rates?

Most of us do business on the move, which is why we have introduced a mobile shortcode to help reduce the costs of your mobile telephone bills. We all know conference calls are a great way to stay in touch with customers, colleagues and clients. But when using your mobile to dial into our 0844 […]

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The Good, The Bad And The Unwanted

Being an entrepreneur, it can be a daunting prospect not knowing where your next sale will come from, and it is often that uncertainty that drives you to want to say yes to everyone. It is important to recognise the good from the bad customer. So how can you tell a bad customer from a […]

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